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My academic training is in the field of biochemisty. I am self-taught in the techniques of making photographs over the past 14 years with specific training from many workshops with nationally and internationally known photographers (including: Michael Kenna, Ruth Bernhard, Dick Arentz, Craig Stevens, Bruce Barnbaum, Jay Dusard, Hunter Witherill, Howard Bond and Dan Burkholder).

My photographs have been exhibited in more than a dozen galleries or invited shows. A number of my photographs have been accepted in national and regional competitions, several of which won awards. My work has also been shown at juried outdoor and indoor art festivals in PA, NY, VA, MI, CT, MA, MD, and FL, several of which are highly rated in ArtFair Source Book or Sunshine Art Magazine.

Artist Statement
I concur with the alleged statement by Brett Weston when he was asked to describe what he was trying to say with his photographs….”photography is a visual medium, the less said the better”. I never set out to make photographs with any preconceived ideas. For me photography is a solitary process that requires time for me to be quiet and immerse myself in the environment…..then slowly I begin to see, often commonplace views or details seen in a different light. When I am attentive and aware, images come to me rather than me “taking” them. I do not think much about composition…..the image either looks right and I press the shutter release, or it doesn’t and I change how and where the camera is pointing until the image appeals to me. Sometimes the magic does not happen in the field but rather during the making of the final print.